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Good understanding of our earth is a necessary global deal for nature.

We focus on creating climate resilient societies through eminent environmental sustainability and empowering youth through providing innovative, engaging, interactive and tailored training and coaching.

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For Nature

Greening "MAMA" Africa

Is an initiative of restoring Africa's beauty, saving millions of animals reaching the tipping point of extinction and hope in the face of one of the biggest challenges of our time, climate change.
This is a game changing Youth- Led initiative aiming to restore Africa's degraded land scape and transform millions of lives in one of the world's poorest continents.
Once complete, the major deserts and semi-arid areas in Africa will be filled with nature and liveable gain. Greenig mama Africa is now being implemented in 12 countries across Africa. We are working with environmental organisations, government bodies, and individuals who have mobilized and pledged financial Aid for its support.
Project Objectives:
By 2035, the aim of the project is to restore more than 100 million ha of the already degraded land, provide carbon peats for 300 million tons of carbon and create more than 8 million of green jobs. This will support people in these tansformed communities.

Girl Child Aid

Gender equality is a human right which we strongly advocate for because societies that value men and women as equal are safer and healthier hence economic prosperity.
CYE BELIEVE NETWORK aims at advocating for the promotion of the rights of the girl child because they face a vast number of challenges like early marriages, violence at home and school, using them as domestic labor, shortage of funding for school fees.
We aim at addressing these problems all over Uganda and globally by providing necessities like sanitary pads, food and hosting workshops and conferences to sensitize parents especially in rural areas.
This campaign started in December 2020 in Rwenkeira village, Sheema District where over 250 homes were reached out to and believe distributed sanitary pads to more than 600 girls.
Our target is reaching out to more 100,000 girls all over Uganda and globally as we tackled the issue of gender equality as we partner with all associations that advocate for girl child empowerment
For Nature


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