Greening Mama Africa is part of the solution.

It doesn’t just support the farmers and their families— it supports biodiversity too, plants and animals species thrive. This is because it works with nature. We plant trees with communities that are being affected by the climate crisis, most especially with farmers.

Each farmer is educated on how to care for the trees to ensure their survival and long-term growth instead of random mass planting and not being sure what happens to the trees. Planting trees with farmers is imperative because it bring farmers’ soil back to life, making it possible for an abundance of fruits and vegetables to grow. This helps farmers feeds their family and earn a steady income, ending hunger and poverty and growing the local economy.

However with COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis have impacted each and every one of us. Communities that are in impacts of the climate crisis prone areas are living in hunger and poverty, like those we serve— are particularly vulnerable to the effects of global health and financial crises. Unfortunately, we are limited on the program we are offering because we lack funding during these difficult times for so many.

We highly appreciate your support, our work helps farming families become more resilient in the face of these unexpected challenges, however we must provide them with the training and resources to do so. In order to continue bringing the much needed resources to the vulnerable communities we serve, we need to raise $250000 by December to fund the most essential items we need right now. We need your support today to help provide our farmers with seed, and ensure they are planted and maintained safely. Your donation will fund communities health education, Agroforestry training, tools, biodegradable tree sacks, and clean and safe water in communities we serve across the country.