• For Nature
For Nature


Nurturing nature for a sustainable future.


Our mission is to create climate-resilient societies through eminent environmental sustainability and empowering youth through providing innovative, engaging, interactive, and tailored training and coaching. Our interventions aim to achieve large-scale, positive changes through political, economic, and social programs that enable men and women to realize their full potential within the planetary boundaries.
For Nature

Our Goals

1. Protect biodiversity in all forms
2. Prevent pollution and abuse of oceans, land, air and water.
3. Support youth advocates with innovative ways to address global goals; local development challenges related to poverty, hunger, health and well being, education, gender equality, water and sanitation.

Become a vital part of CYE Believe Network & make a real difference to lives of many!

Our Objectives

We exist for causes much bigger than us, and any impact we make is a great milestone, given a positive change is experienced as intended.
  • Global Wellness
  • Energy Conservation
  • Animal Protection
Halt climate change
We put fighting global warming at the top of our list. CYE BELIEVE NETWORK takes a fairly hard line pn alternative energy, solar energy and bio-fuels with a strong fight against burning fossil fuels.
We also urge governments to reduce emissions through carbon trading and carbon taxes.
Save ancient forests
Destruction of forests drive species of plants and animals towards extinction and threaten the lives of people whose survival depends on forest resourves.
CYE BELIEVE NETWORK protects forests by educating the public about the origin of tropical woods, holding governments accountable for clear-clutting and even by camping in trees to scare off loggers.
Encourage sustainable agriculture
We believe genetically modified crops decrease biodiversity and pose a threat to the food supply so we suggest use of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) which has huge potential to increase productivity, enhance resilience and lower our foot print (green house gas emmissions)
Promote Gender Equality
Gender Equality is a human right and er strongly advocae for it because societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier. Its also essential for economic prosperity.
Protect Oceans
For nature to flourish and live in a sustainable planet we must fight for every life. That's why we have strong campaigns to protect aquatic life from unfair abusive practices for instance pollution.