About This Event

It aims at encouraging policy makers, professionals and locals from all aspects of life across the globe in taking climate action. During this week, policy makers, activists and professional staff will organize activities about climate change in the general public and also change their mind consciousness in relation to climate policy, with the participation of organization doing related work, the community and not for profit sector rather nurturing nature and making a world better livable place.

Need for action

In 2009, the international community agreed to limit global warming to no more than 20C above pre-industrial level in Copenhagen, however research has shown that 20C is too much. So 2015 in Paris the international community agreed to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.50C. Unfortunately, with the current climate policy put in play around the globe, the expected result will be around 3.2 -3.50C warming.

If we factor in the current pledges or promises governments have made, assuming they will all be met, global warming would still be likely to reach around 2.7 – 3.00C So the international community does not appear to be prepared or willing enough to take measures necessary to limit global warming to 1.50C, which is shocking given the fact that any sacrifices involved in taking those measures is overwhelmed by the catastrophes we are facing and much more likely to face if we do not; food insecurity, slower poverty reduction, more extinction of species and loss of eco systems, more climate related deaths and diseases, more climate refugees, increasing vulnerability to storm surges and more civil unrests worsened by those factors. So there’s an urgent need to treat climate change as an emergency it is and drastically reduce emissions of green house gases. There is also an urgent need to adapt to global warming that can not now be prevented. BCCW aims at engaging everyone to contribute more to ensure that those needs are met.


Coordinated teachings
We aim at encouraging all persons from all disciplines, and its certain that environmental literacy aids in reducing vulnerability and improving the adoptive capacity of people through raising awareness about sustainable living and development. Every academic equipped with knowledge about climate change can join in forums and presentations to focus on some aspect of climate change in schools, community groups or government policy matters .
Online Activities
BCCW organizes discussion groups or forums on our social media platforms, work hand in hand with different podcasts that share our values and discuss environmental justice. And also encourage everyone one on the internet to use their social media platform to create as much awareness about climate change as they can and encourage the general public to take climate action.
This is not for everyone, it’s for well-organized campaigns, using effective advocacy and community engagement such as consumer boycotts and demonstrations. This has potential to bring about major change.
However, they are activities that we encourage the general public to take part for instance tree planting, cleanups.
Arts and cultural activities
We have organized performances, exhibitions, music and satire/humor with the help of our volunteers who are artists and comedians to change the attitudes of communities towards climate change and help increase public demand for stronger action.