Bugoma Forest is a protected tropical forest that is situated south east of Hoima Disrict in Western Uganda.

It's surface area is given as between 41,142 hectares making it the largest remaining block if natural tropical forest along the Albertine Rift valley. Therefore playing a enormous role in preserving wildlife migratory corridors.

In the last few years, Bugoma forest survial has faced various threats, the largest of which is the development of sugsr plantations with the opening of Hoima Sugar Limited in 2016, loacte next to the natural forest. A crop project which doesnt watch at all with the nature of the forest habitat.

What's at stake!

The conservation of Bugoma Forest in all its integrity is paramount for the livelihood of the local farmers communities, who are generally in support of the conservation. Deforestation and change in the use of the habitat will affect the climate and watwe sources, the whole economy of the area, while in paricular sugarcane will worsen the remaining exixtance of natural habitat and its wildlife with more conflicts between humans and wildlife, as well as impoverishing the soil and impoverishing the local communities.


1. Bugoma Forest must be protected as it is, no matter where the exact of propected boundaries are. An aappeal must be made againt the ruling of Masindi High Court of 25th April 2019 with immediate effect.

2. Bugoma forest and local communities need development which can be there when there is certainity of land use and ownership by government of Uganda. We need to get our leaderd to think sustainably.

3. The local communities and their leaders should be part of the process of developemt and not victims of the intimidation by the sugarcane lobby and their connections.

4. The government of Uganda should immediately intervene to reassure the protection of Bigoma Forest to reassure the investment in eco-tourism and in accomodation in the area.

5. Sugar cane development should not take place at the expense of natural resources. There is enough land in Bunyoro to accomodate sugar cane without destroying vital natural resources. Hoima Sugar Works shuld desist from threatening Bugoma Forest eco-system and should decist from using locl institution and leaders to push forward it interests.

6. Uganda shoukd respect the international conventions and protocals on environmental conservation to which the country is a signatory.